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As we transition to the Imagine Prep Scholars Academy, I will be focusing away from this blog and to a new blog at I will check this one periodically but the other blog is where we should all be visiting now! See most of you tomorrow morning!


For teachers and administrators!

The blog site for meeting the needs of our high achieving students can be found at: . Be sure to add this site to your favorites 🙂 and subscribe to it to stay up to date!

I am still developing the site but wanted to make sure you knew the address.

I am so excited to bring our ideas together in one place and share so all can benefit and grow!

Quote from a recent graduate of the Davidson Academy

Food for thought…

“I kept a book with me at all times, never paid attention in class, didn’t talk to the other students, and still got one hundred percent on everything. Even though I was in the school’s GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) program, all that really meant was that I missed an hour of class a week and got to do Sudoku puzzles. It was fun, but still not particularly interesting. The best thing about it was the people – my fellow GATE-ers and I were comrades in boredom, taking up books and brainteasers to fend off the monotony of elementary school. But alas, ‘twas a fruitless attempt. Mental exaltation remained a dim light in the distance, and I got to thinking that it wasn’t worth the fight to reach it.” -Hannah Wierson, 2011 Davidson Graduate

There are thousands, truly thousands, of students across the nation sitting in class, bored to literally tears, giving up because they just don’t see a point in trying when they simply don’t have to. The gravest tragedy in our nation has remained acceptable for too long. Fortunately, it is fixable. But it must be immediate because each day we lose our brightest minds, like Hannah, to the alternate world of seclusion, isolation, and loneliness that they retreat to when not challenged and accepted by those in their life. Not all of us are at the level of “giftedness” that Hannah is at, but we all understand where she is coming from in this passage. Whether you are an accelerated student or not, do not accept boredom in life. Do not retreat into the corner. Make yourself and your needs known to EVERYONE AND ANYONE. Make them listen! You only have one chance to go through your school career, so make the most of it each and every day, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Teachers, think about Hannah’s quote. We have all been there, thinking students are “okay” because they are getting something from that book they are reading or in tutoring a fellow classmate on a concept they mastered with ease. Guess what? It is not enough! Your brightest minds deserve to learn EVERYday, not tutor, teach, complete secretarial duties like filing or bulletin boards, and they are not your disciplinarians when you are working in small groups. They deserve to do more than brain teasers or Suduko puzzles. Hannah later on in her graduation letter goes on to tell about how she finally had the opportunity to learn about historical events in detail, rather than in one or two quick sentences followed by a test she could have passed with her eyes closed. Think about this as you plan for your students. Challenge them each and every day, every moment possible. Do not assume they are “okay” because they are quiet or well-behaved because as you can see, chances are the quieter they are, the more they are screaming out for what they truly need and deserve. How will you modify instruction to meet the needs of ALL of your students? What resources will you need to accomplish this? How will you assess learning before during, and after instruction? How will you make time for your brightest students?

What does accelerated mean to you?

So, I am collecting advice on accelerated and meeting your needs as high achievers! Post your thoughts here on your experiences this year (and last year if you were in accelerated last year). How were your experiences different than in your previous classes? How has it been academically AND socially? Be as open as you feel comfortable. If you would like to share your thoughts with just me than you can do so and I can keep your thoughts anonymous!

Parents, please feel free to post also!

A Must Read for all Joy at School Authors!

Please read the article attached here on what one professor in the education field thought about having joy at school and also here. I’ve read this before but oddly did not share it with you. This is a must read! Remember if you choose to include any new ideas or quotes you must give credit to the author. The similarities are striking, but is that really shocking? Is finding “joy” a universal concept that can be applied to any setting? Be sure to comment!!!!!